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Large Vintage Navajo Turquoise Ring Likely Blue Diamond Stone

Large Vintage Navajo Turquoise Ring Likely Blue Diamond Stone

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This is a wonderful vintage turquoise ring with a special story!

The vintage Navajo ring came to Turquoise & Tufa as part of a small jewelry collection lovingly packaged in pastry boxes by a daughter whose dear father had passed away. This was her beloved father's ONLY vintage Native American ring. 

Her father grew up in Yuma, Arizona and became fascinated with Native American jewelry early on. He was an artist, so he collected a small amount of Native jewelry over his lifetime, always with a keen artist's eye for detail. 

Most striking in this ring is the enchanting, large turquoise stone. Even though there's no written documentation on mine, the turquoise is likely natural Blue Diamond. It feels so good when you run your finger over it! The large, handmade ring is set in a simple bezel with silver rope work and a single, handmade, elongated silver leaf that's beautifully integrated into the rest of the silver work.

It's currently a size 10 3/4, but can be sized to fit for a small fee.

The daughter of this ring's original collector says it's her hope that the next owner will "add to its story and energy as they honor the cultural history and beauty."

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