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Gail Bird and Yazzie Johnson Buckle of Silver Ore in Quartz

Gail Bird and Yazzie Johnson Buckle of Silver Ore in Quartz

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Look at the marvelous stone on this contemporary belt buckle! It's a triangular hunk of silver ore in quartz. Have you ever seen such a thing? It has an uncommon reflective surface that changes color in different lighting.

This amazing piece of jewelry was handmade by Gail Bird and Yazzie Johnson, a dynamic duo recognized for their use of alternative stones in Native American jewelry.

The combination of unique shape and stone makes for an eye dazzling buckle. You simply won't find another just like it. The back of the silver buckle is almost as impressive as the front. It's a stylized animal figure in silver overlay.

The piece isn't new, but that's okay because it's got an exceptional provenance - it's from the private collection of Martha Hopkins Struever (1931-2017), the Native American art dealer who was close personal friends with Gail Bird and Yazzie Johnson. Marti worked with the two jewelers from their earliest art shows, and she purchased her very favorite pieces of theirs to be her own.

This special buckle measures 2 5/8" x 1 5/8" and it fits a 1" belt. Hallmarked on the reverse.


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