Native American Jewelry Videos From the 2023 Annual Catalog - Turquoise & Tufa

Native American Jewelry Videos From the 2023 Annual Catalog

Dearest Friends,

For the first time ever, I've decided to personally walk you through the incredible Native American jewelry in the 2023 annual catalog. In a series of casual videos from my home office, I'll show you the jewelry, page by page, share some stories with you and even show you some additional Indigenous jewelry that was slated for this year's edition but didn't make it in due to space constraints. 

Grab a drink, make yourself comfortable and join me as we celebrate this jewelry piece by piece. Thanks so much for watching!

Part 1: Cover - Page 7 we'll see jewelry by Charles Loloma, Tony Abeyta, Larry Golsh, Perry Shorty, Mike Bird Romero, Charlie Bird, Jimmie King Jr, Norbert Peshlakai, Veronica Poblano, Clarence Lee, Watson Honanie, Duane Maktima

Part 2: Gail Bird & Yazzie Johnson Jewelry

Part 3: Page 10-11 & 13 jewelry by Dinah & Peter Gasper, Denise Wallace, Mike Bird Romero, Rich Lavalle, James Omiak, Federico Jimenez, Jennifer Curtis, Steven Tiffany, & Gibson Nez. 

Part 4: Page 12, 14-15

Part 5: Page 16-22 jewelry by Frank Patania, Joe H. Quintana, Mike Bird Romero, Early Brass Dragonfly Necklace, Inlay Shell necklace

 Part 6: Page 22-27 vintage and historic jewelry

Please note: Make sure you're watching in high definition: after you click the link and begin watching the video, click the round gear symbol on the bottom right of the video player screen. Then select quality and go up to 1080p. This way, you'll see the videos as clearly as possible.


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