Annual Native American Jewelry Catalogs Past & Present

Kee Joe Benally Buckle of Sterling Silver and Turquoise in Lightning Design

By special request: I know how hard it is to get your fill of Native American art, so here are links to 3 years worth of Turquoise & Tufa's fine Native American jewelry catalogs. You may even find a little bit of original, handmade Native American pottery in them too. 

I collect the finest pieces of Native American jewelry all year long to debut in each of these annual catalogs, so reviewing them is a fun way to see the best of what was available each year.

I've already sold most of the pieces in each catalog, but if you like what you see, take a look at Turquoise & Tufa's Native American jewelry boutique for more incredible Native American jewelry.

Annual 2021 Native American Jewelry Catalog

Annual 2020 Native American Jewelry Catalog

Annual 2019 Native American Jewelry Catalog


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