Native American Jewelry Is Perfect For the Valentine's Day Rebel

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that so many LOVE to hate. One complaint about V-day is that people are forced to give meaningless, mass-produced love-themed junk (to the tune of 20.7 billion dollars last year!). Others view the day as one which only exists as a sad reminder of their undesired singleness or their unhappy relationship.

If you’re currently a Valentine’s Day hater, I believe that you can rebel against some of what irks you without eschewing the celebration all together. Native American jewelry provides the perfect antidote to the inconsequential and contrived holiday-themed novelty items that are most often consumed on our national day of love. Southwestern Native American jewelry is beautiful, handmade by individual artisans, one-of-a-kind, and produced in a singular region of the world. What better gift to express your love than one already well-positioned to become a family heirloom.

In fact, way back when I was a Southern California high school girl, my then boyfriend gifted me a pair of Zuni turquoise petit point heart earrings. He presented them to me in a pink floral heart-shaped box, and I was absolutely thrilled! Somehow, this sweet high-school boy made the effort to honor me on Valentine’s Day with a gift that actually meant something. I still have those earrings! They’re one of the few Valentine’s Day gifts that I still have.

Perhaps your complaint against the day of Cupid is founded on loneliness, I understand! I have spent an entire evening sobbing on the living room floor after not receiving a crucial Valentine’s Day phone call. After that heartbreaking display, I resolved to celebrate MYSELF every single Valentine’s Day with a little splurge. So if you’re feeling unloved, use the holiday to reward yourself for all of the unique fabulousness that you possess. Native American jewelry is an outstanding reward!

If you think you just might be a V-Day rebel, take a peek at this gift guide with a select group of Native American jewelry pieces. You'll find pieces set with red coral as a nod to the color of love, a few handmade hearts as a symbol of love, and many prices that are under $200 (or even under $100) as a wallet-friendly way to say that you care.
Then, if you find anything that might make the perfect gift for you or someone you love, send me an email:, and I'll invoice you.
Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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