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Vintage Gail Bird and Yazzie Johnson Silver Cuff Bracelet

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If you had to guess who made this sterling silver cuff bracelet with a pretty repeating stamp work design, would you ever think that it was the work of celebrated contemporary greats Gail Bird and Yazzie Johnson? No, probably not, but the classic silver cuff really IS by long-time partners Gail Bird and Yazzie Johnson. It just happens to be one of their rarer, earlier styles.

In fact, if you happen to have the "Shared Images" book on the jewelry of Yazzie Johnson and Gail Bird, you can turn to page 57 for a look at some of Yazzie's stamps like he used to make this beauty. Just imagine stamping by hand with such precision that this bracelet is the final result. 

This particular cuff is one that looks great worn by itself but also lends itself beautifully to stacking. It's even fabulous when stacked with other metals like gold and/or brass. 

The bracelet measures 5 1/2" x 1 1/4" but would be very easy to size either up or down. It's signed with Gail and Yazzie's hallmark on the inside. It dates circa 1990

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