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Charles Loloma Ring of Multi Stone Inlay


The iconic Hopi artist Charles Loloma created this silver ring in one of his beloved multi-stone inlay band designs. 

All of Loloma's jewelry is sought-after, but this ring is unique in Loloma's choice of stones that are in subtle earth tones. The result is magnificent: you have an elegant contemporary band ring with inlay including coral, wood, gold, lapis, and fossilized ivory. Believe it or not, there's actually no turquoise in this ring. Even so, it's a true treasure with strong presence.

Loloma's ring is also exceedingly comfortable, for he was entirely skilled in creating jewelry that feels good on. You'll likely not even know that this ring is on your finger except that you'll be admiring it so much.

The ring is a size 8 1/4. Could you be the perfect Cinderella and fit into it? Stones are 3/16" above the silver band. It's signed on the inside.

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