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Asymmetrical Earrings by Charles Loloma of Silver and Wood

Asymmetrical Earrings by Charles Loloma of Silver and Wood


This incredible pair of Hopi sterling silver earrings by contemporary master Charles Loloma is striking artistic asymmetry at its very best. One earring is a small, curved edge sterling silver square that measures just 5/8" while the second earring is a larger, curved edge sterling silver square shape measuring almost twice as big at 1". From the second earring hangs an elongated cyninder-shaped dangle that is part sterling silver and part wood. A single green gemstone sits in a gold bezel on the dangle portion. What mastery!

This exceptionally rare pair of earrings is from the Private Collection of Martha Hopkins Struever, who was a renowned Native American art dealer, collector, and scholar for over 45 years. Martha Struever wrote the book on Charles Loloma Called "Loloma: Beauty is His Name." Pieces from her private collection tend to be some of the best examples of Native American jewelry available anywhere.

These highly collectible earrings are for pierced ears and they're signed on the reverse.

  • Asymmetrical earrings of sterling silver by Charles Loloma
  • Sterling silver, wood, gold, gem stone
  • One earring measures 5/8" and one earring measures 3 3/4" x 1"
  • For pierced ears
  • Hallmarked on reverse
  • From the private collection of Martha Hopkins Struever


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