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Vintage Harry Apodruk Scrimshaw Love Story Bracelet Northwest Coast

Vintage Harry Apodruk Scrimshaw Love Story Bracelet Northwest Coast

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You could give (or receive) candy, flowers or diamonds to honor your love story, but why not choose something more unique to celebrate the one-of-a-kind bond that you share. 

This vintage Northwest Coast "love story" bracelet is absolutely precious - just like love. It was handmade by Inupiaq artist Harry Apodruk (1929-1988). It's made with inlay baleen oval segments attached to dark wood. Each segment has an etched scrimshaw picture. Taken together, the pictures tell a special story of an Indigenous Alaskan romance that could almost be made into a movie. Two Inupiaq souls cross paths on the ice. They initially walk past one another until one chases after the other. They meet up, start talking, hold hands and kiss by rubbing noses together. Eventually they walk off together, hand in hand, towards an awaiting igloo, where they'll live the rest of their lives in love. 

Could any other piece of jewelry be more dear than this?

The inside of the bracelet measures 6 3/4" and the width is 1 1/4". The bracelet is strung on elastic cord, so it can stretch a little larger to slip over the hand. Fossilized ivory beads act as spacers and add interest. One of the scrimshaw segments is signed.

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